How to order your pet portrait


pet portrait painted fro owners photograph

STEP ONE -Things to consider when choosing a subject photograph

  1. Good exposure (not too dark or light)
  2. Close up of face get down to your pets eye level
  3. Good quality image so it can be blown up for detail work
  4. Use a squeaky toy or treat just above the camera to get a cute expression
  5. No flash please this alters your pets original fur and eye color 

STEP TWO - What size to choose for your portrait

  1. Decide where you will be hanging your furry friends portrait
  2. Measure the space you have available
  3. Choose the canvas or frame size that best fits your requirements for your pet portrait

STEP THREE - What about the background?

  1. Take a look through my GALLERY for some examples
  2. You have a choice of any solid color or graduated colors
  3. If you have a color in mind I can accommodate
  4. Custom designed backgrounds are also available  see Sasha The Giant Schnauzer on the left at her favourite place on the beach. Click on Sashas portrait to see step by step progress of her portrait.


See step by step progress

STEP FOUR - Okay so you have made your choices...what next?

  1. You pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount
  2. Your furry friends custom portrait begins with the sketch
  3. You will recieve regular email updates on the progress of your pet portrait.
  4. Several coats of artists quality paints later and your portrait is ready for your approval
  5. A proof copy of your custom portrait is emailed to you for approval 
  6. On your approval the artwork will be completed with two coats of quality varnish and hardware fitted ready to hang!
  7. Your remaining balance is due at this point On receipt of your balance your 4 Paws Art custom portrait will be carefully packaged and shipped out to the address provided by you to the artist. 

When your ready to hang custom portrait is delivered all there's left to do is to display it in that special place for all to admire! I am waiting to hear from you....and can't wait to get started!

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